The Case for Keyboarding

Suite of Typing Lessons

In today's digital age, keyboarding (aka typing) has become an essential skill that students must learn to excel academically and professionally. Efficient typing skills allow students to express their ideas and thoughts more quickly and accurately, making them productive and efficient in their work. Moreover, many exams and assessments now require students to type their responses, so proficiency in typing can give them a competitive edge. Typing has become a constant life skill that equals in importance to handwriting. This is why numerous states across the country now require that typing become a dedicated part of the elementary curriculum. Keyboarding Online Program

Many experts agree a gamified approach to typing skill building can offer significant benefits to students. By incorporating game-like elements such as rewards, badges, and leaderboards, students are more likely to stay engaged and motivated as they learn to type. Games can also provide a sense of achievement and progress as students level up or unlock new challenges, which can help build confidence and encourage further learning.  Games

What we here at VocabClass are most excited about when it comes to typing is the direct benefit it plays in student spelling acquisition. When students type out words, they engage with them on multiple levels - visual, auditory, and kinesthetic - which can improve their understanding and retention of the word. .


Typing out words repeatedly can also help students memorize those words, making them more likely to recall them in the future. Moreover, typing can be a fun and engaging way for students to learn new words, especially when combined with interactive typing games and exercises.

Typing Program

With all this in mind, Vocabclass fully embraces the multifaceted benefits of student typing with a suite of gamified, interactive typing lessons built to not only help students learn how to type, but to also master the words being typed which will lead to greater success in the classroom and in life.

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