Keep Your Eye on Sight Words

Dolch and Fry Word Lists

Sight words and spelling are important for early elementary students because they form the foundation for reading and writing skills. Sight words are high-frequency words that children need to recognize quickly and accurately, as they make up a large proportion of written language. Knowing sight words helps children read fluently and comprehend what they are reading.

The number of sight words varies depending on the specific reading program or approach being used. However, most educators agree that there are a core set of high-frequency sight words that students should learn in early elementary grades. The Dolch word list is one commonly used set of sight words. This list includes 220 words that are commonly used in the English language and includes pronouns, adjectives, verbs, and other words that children encounter frequentlcaty in reading. Another commonly used set of sight words is the Fry word list, which includes 1,000 high-frequency words. Sight Words

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