Stop the Summer Slide

Grade-Leveled Summer Lists

The "summer slide" is a phenomenon where students lose some of the knowledge and skills they have gained during the previous school year over the summer break. Studies have shown that students who do not engage in educational activities during the summer may experience significant academic setbacks when they return to school in the fall. These setbacks can result in lower test scores, decreased reading comprehension, and a more challenging time catching up with their peers. The summer slide can be particularly detrimental for students who struggle with reading and writing, causing these students to face a steep decline in achievement scores and reading levels. Summer Slide

Practicing spelling and vocabulary during the summer can help combat the effects of the summer slide and benefit students in several ways. Consistent practice with spelling and vocabulary can improve a student's reading comprehension, writing skills, and overall academic performance. As students learn new words and practice their spelling, they become more confident in their ability to read and write effectively. Additionally, practicing spelling and vocabulary can help students maintain the progress they have made during the school year, reducing the risk of experiencing significant academic setbacks in the fall.

To play a role in combatting the summer slide, VocabClass created numerous grade-leveled summer word lists with activities which, of course, are available to all subscribers considering VocabClass subscriptions are 12 months in duration. This ensures your students have access to the tools they need during the summer months to stay sharp and always have an outlet for continual learning and growth. It doesn’t take much time and effort to commit part of your child’s summer to learning, but the impacts are beneficial and will result in a better prepared and engaged student for the following year.

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