Word Nerd Day! (January 9th)
Word Lists with Interactive Games & Printables

Calling all word nerds!!! VocabClass is a word nerd's paradise! Our love of words and vocabulary is boundless! Immeasurable! Incalculable...dare I say fathomless! Words are the foundation of communication. And, what makes humanity special, if not, for our ability to communicate and express ourselves? As you can imagine, Word Nerd Day is a big deal here at VocabClass. To celebrate, we have created free and fun Word Nerd Day literacy resources befitting of this special occasion.

Below you will find links to our free grade leveled Word Nerd Day word lists and a detailed breakdown of all the included interactive activities. These lists and activities will resonate with your students and they will take greater ownership of the materials resulting in higher levels of engagement and fun.

Word Nerd Day word lists

1. Word Nerd Day Word Lists Grades 2nd - 8th (3 Levels)

VocabClass has curated festive Word Nerd Day word lists ranging from grades 2nd-8th offering our complete Word Nerd Day curriculum FREE to all!

2. Interactive Lessons & Games

Our Word Nerd Day vocabulary & spelling packets includes 35 interactive lessons and games designed to defeat the boredom of traditional word study and get students excited about learning while they build a strong foundation in literacy. These building blocks are fortified by a focus on each word’s long-term retention by highlighting spelling, definitions, pronunciation, contextual usage and creative writing opportunities. After a week of practice we recommend students take the spelling and vocabulary tests.

We offer traditional activities like Word Search Play Word Search to more leading edge challenges like our new Coding Words module that teaches vocabulary while building computer programming skills Play Coding Words.

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3. Printable Lessons & Puzzles!

With a quick click of a button you have 17 printable lessons including answer keys. View samples of our printable worksheets everything from traditional worksheets like Word Search and Crossword Puzzle to new creative worksheets like coding words Decoding Word Puzzle . Printable Word Nerd Day Worksheets

4. Handwriting Worksheet Generator

Our handwriting worksheet generator is versatile and accommodates all ages with print-writing, cursive, directional arrows and various font sizes. Whatever your needs, we have your handwriting printables covered! View samples of our coloring worksheet in a fun font Coloring Pdf , print Print Pdf or cursive Cursive Pdf . You can generate the perfect handwriting worksheet for your students.

Word Nerd Day Handwriting Worksheets

Make VocabClass a part of your Word Nerd Day celebration this year and if you and your students like what you see, we are offering extended free trials of the full VocabClass program. Send us an email to learn more. Email: admin@vocabclass.com

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